ShaveTech™ USB Rechargeable Travel Shaver

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Meet the all new Portable Shaver that is powered by a built in USB connection, perfect for traveling because all you need to recharge it is connect it to any standard USB slot on a computer or the wall outlet provided by current smartphones, that means you wont need to carry any additional chargers, voltage converters or adaptors in order to use the ShaveTech™ razor anywhere in the world! Don't let the compact size fool you either, it has just as much power as your home razor, but is roughly the size of a smartphone so you wont have any problems finding space in your bag! Each USB Electric Shaver comes with a soft pouch and cleaning brush.
  • Powerful portable lectric razor that can be charged through USB connection
  • No voltage adaptors or converters needed to operte worldwide!
  • Comes with soft carrying pouch and cleaning brush
  • 4 hour charging time, 30 minute running time

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