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Wallet2Go - Adhesive Card Holder

par IGekkos
UGC 571454-BLACK

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Ditch the standard wallet and slide your essential cards in this adhesive silicone card holder that attaches to the back of your smartphone perfect for traveling light when you only need a few cards on you. The 3M backed adhesive easily applies to your smartphone or similar device and can hold a few credit/I.D cards and cash. Its also great when heading out at night and only want to carry your phone along with a few cards rather than a bulky handbag for runners to attach to an iPod or MP3 player for a snack or water while out. The slim design can also be used in a wallet to easily identify the most important or commonly used cards from your collection. The adhesive holder will not damage or leave a sticky residue when removed.-Colour Availability Cannot Be Guaranteed
  • Silcone card holder easily attaches to the back of smartphone or similar device
  • Can fit 2 cards cash or similar sized items


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