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Tuck* Aways - Bag/Purse Insert


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Do you love your bag but wish there were storage options? Do you like switching your look by changing bags but hate having to move items from one purse to the other? Planning a trip but find your bag lacks pockets and organization for travel items? The ingenious new Tuck* Aways bag organizer easily fits into the main compartment of your favourite bag instantly giving you a plethora of pockets to store a wide variety of items. There is a key-fob strap that doubles as a handle to easily remove from one bag and placed in another. The bag features semi rigid material to ensure it stays standing, and the soft ends allow for the Tuck* Away to squeeze into smaller bags. The interior prints add an extra bit of style. Fits most medium sized bag.
  • 6 conveniently located inner compartments with lightly elasticized pockets on each end to stow sunglasses , make-up, etc...
  • Generous center space for wallets and hairbrushes
  • Outer pockets, located at each end, are perfect for cell phone, business cards, pens, etc.
  • Zip open and sleeve pocket along edges designed for passports and other travel documents.
  • An inner key fob, when clipped to a ring on the opposite side, allows for all contents to be easily moved from one bag to another. This strap can also be used for added security for handbags and totes with no means of closure.
  • To keep their shape and effectiveness, the sides are reinforced. The ends are pliable to conform to all bag shapes.
  • Since they simply MUST be pretty, they come in satin-inside and out.
Width: 6.5Height: 9Depth: 9Weight:


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