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TowTab Tank

UGC 80045BB
Prix d'origine $8.00
Prix d'origine $8.00 - Prix d'origine $8.00
Prix d'origine $8.00
Prix actuel $7.00
$7.00 - $7.00
Prix actuel $7.00
Livraison $12 | Gratuite pour achats $69+
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Tiny tablet transforms into an additive-free towelette when mixed with half an ounce of liquid. TowTab (Tow pronounced as in Towel) is made of all-natural, biodegradable rayon fiber and Ideal for personal hygiene and cleaning chores.
  • Instruction: Add approx. 1/2 ounce of water to the tablet. Once the tablet has absorbed the water, stretch it open and unfold it to full size (approx. 8" X 10")
  • The Towtab is an all natural product. As a result, it&39;s applications are endless.
  • Great for cleaning your hands and face and practically any other surface.
  • Ideal for camping, picnic, hiking, baby, school, work, travel, restaurants, spa, sports.


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